Conference presentations

2021 Brasier, C*., Brophy, L., Hamilton, B. TheMHS, “Examining the role of mental health peer support in Emergency Departments.” National virtual conference (12th of February)

2020 Ski, CF.* Thomson, DR., Brasier, C., Apputhurai P, Castle DJ, Jenkins Z, Knowles SR, European Society of Cardiology: EuroHeartCare 2020, “ Identification of psychosocial factors most influential on quality of life post-stroke”.  Seville, Spain (4-6 June).

2019 Brasier, C*. Service User Academia Conference, 20 min presentation, “Peers in EDs”, Wellington, New Zealand (21st-22nd November, 2019).

2019 Ski, C.,* Thomson, DR., Brasier, C., Apputhurai P, Castle DJ, Jenkins Z, Knowles SR (Euro Heart Care Conference, brief presentation, “Examination of the impact of illness perceptions, self-efficacy, coping strategies, psychological distress on quality of life post-stroke”, Paris, France (2nd May 2019).

2017 Brasier, C.* Smart Strokes Conference, poster presentation, “Effectiveness of psychosocial interventions on stroke survivors, their carers and stroke-carer dyads”, Gold Coast (10th-11th August 2017).

2016 Brasier, C.* The Australian Society for Medical Research: Victorian Student Research Symposium, poster presentation, “Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Stroke and Carer Optimal Health Program: A Randomised Controlled Trial”, Melbourne (3rd June 2016).

2016 Brasier, C.* World Social Work Day Conference, “Mental Health and Stroke: Beyond Recovery”, Melbourne (15th March 2016).

2014 Brasier, C.*. World Social Work Day Conference, “Research in the Age of Facebook”, Melbourne (23rd March 2014).

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